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Shandong Nutex Import and Export Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of state-owned company Shanghai Nutex Import and Export Co., Ltd. The company was incorporated on December 2, 2016 in Linyi Comprehensive Free Trade Zone with registered capital of 20 million RMB.

The main businesses of Shandong Nutex are import and export commodity trade, business information consultation and modern foreign trade outsourcing services. The company organization comprises of the General Manager Office, Deputy Manager Office, Financial Department, General Affairs Office, Import and Export Business Department, Business Information Service Center and other operations departments in various forms for foreign trade management.

The parent company of Shandong Nutex --Shanghai Nutex Import and Export Co., Ltd. is an outstanding state-owned enterprise with more than 30 years of history. As a group member of Orient International (Holding), Shanghai Nutex's annual import and export volume exceeds more than $1.3 billion USD, thus it is one of the Top3 enterprises among the import & export industry in Shanghai and also is one of the leading enterprises in China foreign trade industry.

Today, we inherit the excellent quality of the Shanghai textile firm and follow the current of reform and development, innovation and transformation, in response to the strategy of “with a national base, heading overseas” we settled in Linyi, supported by the excellent platform of our parent company, with human resources, capital access, trade experience and brand value. We uphold the Yimeng spirit, relying on the comprehensive free trade zone and Shandong Linyi Mall, we will build a 'Great New Linyi' together with the local government!


Enterprise Culture

  • Mission and Vision

    • Build a professional platform for comprehensive trade

    • Lead the foreign trade industry to a higher level

  • Development Objective

    • Aim to become a Shandong foreign trade benchmark enterprise

  • Development Guidelines

    • Inheritance and Innovation Transformation and Upgrading

    • Responsibility for sustainable development

  • Operation Policy

    • Stabilize the scale and optimize the structure

    • Expand the territory and increase efficiency

  • Business Strategy

    • Business Globalization Strategy

    • Vertical Integration Strategy of Industry Chain

  • Operation Principle

    • Professional
    • Convenient
    • Secure

Group Members

New Union Textra (Japan) Textile products, commodity, food and medical products
HK Steady First Pte Ltd Import and export trade
Nutex Marketing Dept Ladies’garments, kids’garment, evening dress, design、 sampling and marketing for textile products 
Nutex International Logistics Dept Freight forwarding agent, warehouse in bonded area, import and export trade
Nutex Trade Development Dept Textile fabric, laminated fabric, garments, machinery & electronic products
Nutex Holytex I/E Co., Ltd.  Shirts, women's dress, pants, pajamas, children's garments
Nutex Chemical Fiber(group) Hard ware & electric parts, shoes, cloth for man & women nylon tyre cord fabric, chemical & chemical fiber rew material
Nutex Chenye Co., Ltd. Garment, LED, seafood, alcohol, towel and general merchandise
Nutex Xinyin I/E Co., Ltd. Shirts, jackets, pants
Nutex Pudong I/E Co., Ltd.  Men's shirt, ladies wear, men's & ladies pyjama
Hansen branch 7 Mechanical and electrical products, office furniture, textile fabrics
Hansen branch 6 Wine, olive oil, meats, dairy products, snack food, toys, Home textile
Hansen branch 2 Garment, handkerchief, home textile, new energy, machinery & electronics,auto parts, hardware, steelwork
Hansen branch 1 Handkerchief, kitchen towel, garments, textile fabric, hardware mechanical and electrical equipment, sanitary ware
Nutex Import Dept Red wine, dairy product, edible oil, condiment, health food, chemical raw materials
Nutex Export Dept 9 Fabric, accessories, handkerchiefs, bandannas, scarfs, gloves
Nutex Export Dept 8 Outdoor item, bedding article, household appliance, condiments, snack food
Nutex Export Dept 7 Men's garment, women's garment, sportswear, knitted kid's garment,ladies shoes, medical device, passenger vehicles
Nutex Export Dept 6 Men's shirt, jacket, sport's wear, teen's wear, children's wear, outerwear, down jacket
Nutex Export Dept 5 Knitted wear, chirlden's apparel, home-textiles, FR protetive workwears
Nutex Export Dept 3 Textile fabric, men/women's suit, coat, kid's garment
Nutex Export Dept 2 Textiles & accessories, garmemts, wine, electrcal products
Nutex Export Dept 1 Fabrics for garments & home-textiles

Shandong New Union Textra Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Address: Rm A1601, No.100, Lingong Road, Linyi CITY, Shandong Provice, China

E-mail: info@sdnutex.com

Tel: +86 539-880 3669/880 3700

Fax: +86 539-880 3089

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