Shandong New Union Textra Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary incorporated in Shandong Linyi Comprehensive Free Trade Zone by Shanghai New Union Textra Import & Export Co. Ltd., which has annual import and export volume of more than 1.3 billion USD, emphasizes simultaneously five points of "import and export, self-employed and agent, domestic trade and foreign trade, textile and non-spinning, goods trade and services", and has more than 30 years of history on state - owned professional foreign trade, and has ranked the top 3 among the import and export enterprises in Shanghai.

Now because of needs on market development and foreign trade business expansion, we sincerely invite all talents on foreign trade of all communities to join, and look forward to working with you together for building the "Great New Linyi."

Open Positions:

1. Foreign Trade Sales Manager: 10 positions
Requirements: candidates who are proficient in international trade, have a good overall quality and a wide range of import & export business resources and channels, outstanding performance record in the previous company and willing to engage in international trade are welcome to join us.

2. Foreign Trade Business Assistant: 10 positions
Requirements: candidates who are familiar with import and export trade practices, have good teamwork and professionalism, and are willing to engage in international trade work and have the relevant professional qualifications of college graduates.

3. Online Marketing Executive: 5 positions
Requirements: Candidates, who can assist supervisors in the maintenance and update of each internet sales platform to ensure that the background runs efficient; according to the company's marketing campaign planning, assist the manager to carry out network promotion activities. Be able to use English / Japanese for written and verbal communication, with strong copywriting editing ability. Candidate’s internship experience gained at companies related Alibaba International Station, Aliexpress, Global Sources, Ebay, Amazon and other cross-border electronic business platforms are preferred.

4. Foreign Trade Finance Supervisor: 2 positions
Requirements: candidates who are familiar with the international trade operation processes, and have professional experiences in foreign trade finance, and have team spirits, get motivated and a sense of responsibility.


1. Lucrative employee benefits: pay "six insurances and one fund", paid leave, vacation subsidies, and annual physical examinations.

2. Attractive personal development: the company provides a full range of training and fair and impartial promotion mechanism, and seek common career future for you.

3. Group Join: free management fees and office rental. The basic salary and performance commissioned by the company payment system is preferential treated. (For the specific matters, welcome to call us for inquiry and discussions)

Interested candidates shall send copies of their resume to our Human Resources Department: Mr. Yang, or e-mail: info@sdnutex.com with the title of "Application of recruitment".

All the applicants' information will be stored in the talent pool of company and the Shanghai company headquarters and will be kept confidential.

Address: Room A1601, No.100, Lingong Road, Linyi City, Shandong Province, China

Shandong New Union Textra Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Address: Rm A1601, No.100, Lingong Road, Linyi CITY, Shandong Provice, China

E-mail: info@sdnutex.com

Tel: +86 539-880 3669/880 3700

Fax: +86 539-880 3089

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